EcoNet Smart Thermostat


The EcoNet® Smart Thermostat

  • Built-In WiFi
  • Works With Alexa - Enables the use of voice commands to control the HVAC system with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices
  • 4.3″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Local Weather - Current conditions plus 6-day forecast
  • 5 Operating Modes - Heat, Cool, Auto, Emergency Heat and Fan Only
  • 7-Day Programmable Schedule - Offers comfort without thought
  • One-Touch Away - Quickly switch to your energy-saving away preferences
  • Vacation Scheduling - Allows you to save while you’re away and come home to comfort
  • Motion Sensor - Automatically wakes the screen as you approach
  • Standby Screen - Displays indoor temperature and current weather
EcoNet Smart Thermostat


Installation / Setup Features

  • 4-Wire Configuration
  • Custom Push Buttons for Tool-Free Wiring
  • Automatic Equipment Configuration - Automatically detects equipment and configures equipment with optimal settings for hassle-free installation
  • Contact Info Sync - Keeps contractor contact information ready when it’s needed
  • Equipment Information - Displays software version, model number and serial number of connected equipment
  • Automatic Brand Display - Changes the screen logo based on equipment model number
  • Remote Room Sensor - Supports wired remote temperature sensor
EcoNet Smart Thermostat

Operational Features

  • Automatic Changeover - Transitions between heating and cooling automatically to keep the house comfortable
  • Integrated Water Control - Enables easy water heater management
  • Smooth Arrival - Prompts the system to start ahead of schedule to ensure the home is at the desired temperature at the scheduled time
  • Humidity Control - Supports humidifier accessories or over-cool based dehumidification
  • Detailed Operating Status - View pertinent equipment status information and run times
  • Continuous Fan - Offers 5 speeds (Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High)
  • Short-Cycle Protection - Avoids damage to equipment from short run cycles

Monitoring & Remote Control Features

  • Active Monitoring - Alerts to problems that need immediate attention
  • Remote Control - Allows adjusting of comfort and settings from anywhere using a mobile device
  • Service Alerts - Sends routine maintenance reminders
  • Air Filter Monitoring - Detects when it’s time to replace the air filter
  • Alarm History - Displays time-stamped alarm codes with clear descriptions

Limited Warranty

  • 5-Year limited parts warranty (from date of installation)
  • If installed as part of a Rheem® system, the EcoNet Smart Thermostat will be covered under the applicable product parts warranty. Refer to manufacturer product warranty card for specific details
EcoNet Smart Thermostat works with EcoNet enabled air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and water heating Get The Apple App, Android App or use with Alexa